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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jiu Hu Char

I was wondering why this dish is such a favourite amongst the Nyonya families during
Chinese New Year. And then, I found out that this dish actually tastes really good!

Cuttlefish are caught for food in the Mediterranean, East Asia, the English Channel and elsewhere. Although squid is more popular as a restaurant dish all over the world, in East Asia dried, shredded cuttlefish is a popular snack food.

shredded carrots and yam bean.

Chinese lettuce.


100g shallots  |  1 tablespoon minced garlic  |
50g dryed shredded cuttlefish  |  500g yam bean (shredded)  |  200g carrot  (shredded)  |
40g mushroom (soak and diced)  |  200g pork, (diced)  |

300g chinese lettuce

1 tablespoon light soy sauce  |  1/2 tablespoons dark soy sauce  |
1/2 tablespoon oyster sauce  |  1 teaspoon sugar  |  1/4 teaspoon salt   |
5 tablespoons water  |

heat up 5 tablespoons oil, stir-fry the shredded cuttlefish until golden brown, drain and set aside.

leave 3 tablespoon in wok, saute the minced garlic and shallots until fragrant.

add in pork fillet stir-fry for a while and add in mushrooms, yam bean and corrat keep stir-frying
for a minute.

add in seasoning, turn to lowest heat and simmer for 10 minute.

at last add in the cuttlefish and dish out.

wrapped in chinese lettuce and serve.

 And these are the reference for Jiu Hu Char.